Everything You Should Know About W-4 Form 2020

W-4: The Complete Guide

If you need accurate and reliable information about the IRS W-4 form, you are at the right destination. Below you will find everything you need to know about it, including its purpose and significance.  Get authentic guidance to help you to complete it.


What W-4 looks like?

First Page Second Page
It contains instructions and a work page for calculating your personal discount (Personal Allowances Worksheet). The part of it that is given to the employer. It contains two sections:

1.     For calculating tax deductions and adjustments (Deductions and Adjustments Worksheet);

2.     Or 2 working taxpayers / multiple jobs (Two-Earners / Multiple Jobs Worksheet).

Where Can I Get a W-4 ?

The USA government implies the completion of a W-4 to every employee. The document has the aim to inform an employer how much money he/she should withhold from the employee’s paycheck to pay the latter’s federal or state income taxes. The document makes this more convenient. When filing an annual tax return, a worker has to pay all at once, and it seems a formidable amount.  By completing the document online, meanwhile, one gets the option to pay the fees part by part.

We can differentiate two main reasons why an employee must fill it out. First of all, the employer can’t provide a W-2 to his/her employee for a return, as the necessary data is to be extracted from the blank. Additionally, completing the paper allows a worker to control his/her paycheck and how much money is withdrawn. This way, it becomes possible to determine the tax return.


When You Need It

Different situations or changes that happen in life may become the reason for adjusting one’s withholding. Here are the main points:

  • marriage or divorce;
  • obtaining a property;
  • getting a dependent;
  • having kids;
  • getting a second job;
  • gaining significant financial assistance;
  • having tax debts;
  • receiving a large refund.

You can make edits in the blank as soon as significant life changes occur.

How to Fill Out the W4: The Most Appropriate Ways

You can find and download a blank from the IRS or here. It’s free of charge, just like all other forms. The first four lines of the file refer to the employee’s personal information. The latter includes the name, address, SSN, and filing status. The lines A-H contains the information about the allowances you have the right for. The sixth line shows the extra money to be withheld from the paycheck.

IRS w-4 form fill out and print

If you have a yearly income of less than $1,050, you have the right to request an exemption. The seventh line should contain this detail. And before you hurry to sign the application, it’s important to note that this exemption won’t have any impact on your Social Security or Medicare.

We suggest the easiest way to file out and print W-4 online. You even could sign a document online with an electronic signature and send it immediately. But let’s consider the alternatives.

How to Print the Blank

So, to print a W4, you go to the state IRS official website. The document you need is in the “Blanks and Instructions” section. By clicking on the link, you will receive the official paper you are interested in online. It is ready to be filled in. Also, if it is necessary, on the IRS website, it is possible to study samples of it. On most sites, it is possible to choose the electronic view. It may be a printable PDF or a digital blank.


Completing W-4: Items to be Noted

The employees have the opportunity to do it both independently and using the services of a consultant. Both in the USA and outside the country, it is always easy to find such assistants to complete various accounting affairs. The cost of their services is approximately the same. It will not influence significantly on your budget but will eliminate the need to delve into the accounting affairs of you personally.

Calculator to Support Taxpayers

The Purpose Where to Get? Additional Notes
Since the W-4 serves to calculate the amount of income that you will pay from your salary, you can use a digital online calculator to avoid errors in the calculations. It is possible to download the latest version directly here on the website of the IRS. Of course, our articles are always ready to help.


It is usually called a retention calculator.



To Sum It Up

While filling it out, it is important to fix all the dependents you have. If there are many dependents, you can make the employer remit fewer taxes. This is because at the end of the year you will owe less than those who have no dependents. This form helps to determine the amount to be deducted.

Remember to include personal information such as your name, address, and social security number. The paper could be updated annually. You can make changes to it, for example, if you are married or divorced, you have a child, or there have been other changes that may affect your payments.


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