Step-by-step guide to filling W4

Many have the fear of filing documents for tax deduction. With step-by-step hints, you can quickly fill and print W4. But, unlike many forms, you must give this one at your place of work. To avoid penalties for default, this must be done by residents and the United States in January or before the deadline of April 15. The employer sends another form W2 with a copy of A and sheet W3 until February 28.

Stages of filling each item

The document is a two-page paper sheet. Be sure to make sure you download the latest version before downloading. Here and on the official website of the IRS, the fillable W-4 is always updated, so you will receive it without refund. Also, before writing, focus and be careful not to make mistakes. You can wait for your manual to give you the blank copy or you want to download it yourself. Corrected copies are not accepted, and if you submit them as a deadline, you will receive a fine for late payment and higher payments to the tax authority.

  1. Indication of data containing the name, surname and address of your residence
  2. In the second paragraph, you should write the social security number. It is issued to residents of America who are officially employed. Non-residents have another ITIN document, but this form is not suitable for them, only for citizens
  3. Here you need to indicate your marital status. If you are not married yet, the tax will be deducted from you. If married. Then both, depending on the type of work spouse and the availability of benefits
  4. If you had a name or surname change in your life, reflect the event in this block. It is rarely used by citizens, but is mandatory when interfering with personal data.
  5. The item is difficult to fill, you just need to determine exactly what type you are. Do not be dependent – A, B for those who are married and want to receive one benefit. Set C when you work and charge yourself. D to those who are married, while working alone or the income of the second spouse is less than $ 1,500. E in the presence of minor children and loans for their maintenance. F – the presence of other dependents that you provide and provide assistance (with family income over 339 thousand dollars, there is no tax). Took loans – for you G. line H assumes the total amount specified in the form. If you have questions you can get advice in the IRS.
  6. Additional income, such as opening deposits, investments, renting real estate
  7. It is necessary to subtract from point 6 the amounts from column 5
  8. Divide the sum from the 7th line by a fixed amount of 4150, then round the number to the decimal point
  9. Move the number you wrote in H
  10. Add here from 8 and 9 points amount

In block 9, you must sign and date that you declare have indicated everything correctly and are responsible for this. 10 block takes the place of the employer’s identification number, if you know it, you can enter it. In general, this data indicates your employer. If necessary, call the IRS for advice.


Distinctive features of filling out the official W4 form in different states

There are some amendments in the Alabama district. If an employee is a full-time student and officially works, he is exempt from taxes. In Utah, a fixed income tax of 5%, however, the employer must also submit the document. Download and give the original forms in time, avoiding fines, extra payments and everything will be amen.